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Romeo's Food Lady is named after my friend and cat, Romeo. Romeo is not a vegetarian, but his Food Lady is!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Recipe Amount Conversions

I just found the coolest website! I am trying out a new cake doughnut recipe, and it calls for 8 oz. of sifted flour. Is the author kidding me? I need to know how many cups that is. Well, I used Google to look up converting ounces to cups for flour, and I found this great website that calculates the conversion for me:


So now I know that this is approximately 1.8 cups of flour. My measuring cup has 1/8 cup increments, so I did the math (See? Math is very useful! Even for eating!) and found that I will need to use just over 1 and 6/8 cups.

I figured you might find this website handy, too.

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