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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cranberry Pumpkin Muffins

I made some VERY yummy cranberry pumpkin muffins this morning from the Ocean Spray website. Their recipe is here. The recipe has no white sugar in it, so although it was sweet, it was an earthy sweet (from molasses and brown sugar) instead of a refined super-sweet (which, don't get me wrong, has its place). The only things I did differently was I used 1 c. frozen cranberries instead of 6 oz. of Craisins, and I tossed in a generous handful of chopped walnuts. The cranberries were a pleasantly tart juxtaposition to the soft, sweet cake-y muffin batter.

If you want to make the muffins vegan, use Ener-G's egg replacer in place of the egg.

Cranberries are not the kind of thing you can find in the produce department all year long, so during the holidays, buy 2 or 3 extra bags and put them (as is) in the freezer for use later when you can't buy them.

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  1. Woohoo! you know i love me some pumpkin! and cranberry! these sound great--sorta similiar to the bread recipe you gave me about a year ago. have you ever heard of a cake type thingy called a Duff? Patrick has made a Cranberry Duff the past 2 holiday seasons and man is it good! he got the recipe from a booklet he picked up at the penzey spice store(near Borders bookstore). i believe it is also on the web too. he made a sauce with some sort of alcohol(bourbon or whiskey?) in it. wow! I liked the story behind the Duff--it was Gaelic and mostly used by sailors. it was made from flour and water and whatever fruit(or veggie i think)they had on hand and boiled in a bag(like cheesecloth) over open fire!!! ok enough of my rambling! not quite a comment huh!